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The Hunt – Badger State Whitetail Adventures
the hunt

Badger State Whitetail Adventures

At Badger State Whitetail Adventure, you will find a vast variety of terrains from, rolling farmland fields to oak ridges and deep dense swamps. Included in your all-inclusive experience of a lifetime you will be staying at our peaceful lakeside lodge located on a nearby lake. We pride ourselves on making your hunt of a lifetime a memory of a lifetime.

why choose us

experience the hunt of a lifetime


Day 1: Arrival / Hunt

The hunters will arrive at the lodge around noon to be greeted by the guides. Then hunters will have time to get their belongings settled into the lodge. We will get out the rifles and bows to check for zero if they choose to do so before going out hunting. Then it’s time to go out for the evening hunt! After an afternoon in the stand, at dark, your group will enjoy catered meals.


Days 2 - 3: Hunt

Wake up roughly an hour before daybreak. That gives enough time to get dressed for the weather conditions and to meet up with the guides to head out before daylight. The hunter and guide will head out to one our elevated box blinds or ladder stands for the morning sit. Once the morning sit is over we will head to a local cafe for breakfast.

After returning from breakfast the hunters will have some down time to hang out in the lodge or sit out on the patio and enjoy the sights of fall in Wisconsin. Then it’s time to go out for the evening hunt. After an afternoon in the stand, at dark we will all join in the lodge for a meal and to hopefully watch the footage of the lucky hunters harvest! 


Day 4: Departure

On departure day the hunters will reconcile their outstanding balance, gather their possessions and provide carcass processing and taxidermy instructions.

Helpful information

frequently asked questions

The average shot taken by a rifle is about 100-150 yards. Our elevated box blinds are set up to accommodate shots anywhere from 50 yards for novice shooters out to 300yards for the more experienced marksman. The average shot taken with a bow is 15 to 30 yards. A lot of the distance on shots taken comes down to the experience of the hunter and what they feel comfortable doing.

There is no special license or permit needed from the State of Wisconsin, as Badger State Whitetail Adventures is a private hunting ranch.

Recommended Hunting Gear:

  • Weapon of choice (Archery, Rifle or Muzzleloader)
  • Ammunition/ Arrows
  • Weather Appropriate Camouflage Clothing
  • Warm Boots
  • Binoculars
  • Hunting Backpack
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